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RhinoHoney Presents - BUDDY
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RhinoHoney Presents – BUDDY
The Overlay Launcher, Virtual Pet and Mate.

What is Buddy?

Your virtual pet, Buddy, is a friendly little blob that will chillout on your phone or tablet while you use it.
Buddy will entertain itself dancing, walking around or just sitting back and relaxing. You perro interact with your Buddy picking it up and dragging it around or challenging it to mini games. You cánido customize your Buddy to suit you and your personality.

What is a Virtual Pet?

A virtual pet is just like a real pet (just without the mess). You have to feed, rest and play with your Virtual Pet to make sure you keep Buddy Happy. You perro do this at any time by double clicking on Buddy at any time to bring up options menu.

What makes Buddy Different?

Unlike other vitrual pets on android devices Buddy is not constrained within the aplicación page. Buddy perro still hang out on your phone while you surf the internet, alisten to music or play games.
What's more your Virtual pet, Buddy, perro be help you do this! Simply "Double Click" on your Buddy to open a customizable short cuts menu, that you cánido use to launch your other favourite aplicaciones.

What if Buddy gets in the way?

If your virtual Buddy gets too carried away or if you need Buddy to sit still for a while simply pick him up and drag your Buddy to the left side of the screen to put it in its cage..

Now Greener!
Battery savings have been increased massively with the new aplicación release.

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