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Zeng Sang
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[Game introduction]
This is a world full of vampires and zombies. In the game, the player plays the role of the king and lead the people to fight against the vicious zombies, Here, you also need beware of some malicious people and make every effort to find a cómputo among the Congress, the people, the army, and the Treasury. It also contains a large number of random events, only cautious decision and well-planned planning cánido continue your long term governance.
During your reig,ns it's possible to bring you a random request every year, These requests may have a profound effect on your kingdom. Therefore, extend your king duration as long as possible and don't let the kingdom become the end of the dynasty in your own hands.
Meanwhile, establish alliances, fight against the zombies, and find new ways to push the dynasty move forward.
With the progress of the times, some conspiracies may span several centuries.
The young kings, the zombie has come. Great War will be triggered at any moment……
Live or die? It's up to you!
[Game operation]
This is a game combine strategy card and simulation operation. It’s very easy to play. Just move the card right and left to select according to the consejos of story.


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